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Qbond Composite Panels are available in a wide range of finishes and Colors. An advantage of the manufacturing facility is that our Coil Coating Line enables us to cater the needs of industry with reliable and quality product with consistency.

Available color spectra at Qbond is categorized as three major divisions Solid, Metallic. Paint system generally used are PVDF, Lumiflon & PE coating is in accordance with ECCA / AAMA 2605 specifications. We are utilizing advantages of all the three pains systems PVDF (KYNAR-500®) is used as standard paint system for our Composite Panels. KYNAR-500®

PVDF & LUMIFLON COLORS PVDF paint system composed of KYNAR-500® fluorocarbon resin based organic paint joined with fine metal particles or mica crystals as pigments. Thus, the PVDF coating has unique performance than that of normal paints.. Lumiflon paint system is not only is equivalent to PVDF or Kynar based paint standards, but has superior characteristics in some aspects. The color range of this paint is wide, and the gloss is also adjustable in a range between 15% and 80%.

PE COLORS PE coating gloss is available in matte to 90% gloss. It can be classified matt and glossy according to coating gloss. The compact molecule structure makes paint surface luster and smooth, which assures good printing on the PE coated aluminum coils surface. It is specially applied for internal decoration and sign board. The fluorocarbon chemical bonding is acknowledged as the most stable and firm bond. Fluorocarbon paints widely used for coating architectural materials are PVDF/ Lumiflon thus, Flurocarbon coating has unique performance than that of normal paints.